MCG’s serviceIMG_4738rotates fall into three primary categories – Environmental Consulting Services, Geotechnical Engineering Services, and Geotechnical Laboratory Services. Environmental Consulting Services include assessment and coordination of remediation of contaminated sites. Geotechnical Engineering Services include evaluation, analysis, and design of slopes, foundations, earthen structures as well as evaluation of the interaction between structures and soil. Geotechnical Laboratory ServicesKejciWestPCBs include soil index properties, permeability, soil load-deformation tests,  evaluation of Constrained Modulus (Ms) for crushed rock samples and much more.Krejci Dump Site 8_13_2013

MCG Geotechnical Engineering  assures compliance with environmental laws and regulations, design and implement site characterizations, performed human health and ecological risk analyses associated with physical and chemical hazards, manage programs through and in all steps of the CERCLA process, and prepare reports and legal documents. Our President, Dr. Mark Gemperline, pic2developed risk-based composite sampling theory for application at environmental sites in 1991 and has since successfully implemented the methodology to characterize many CERCLA and other hazardous waste sites.

MCG Geotechnical Engineering geotechnical services include forensic analyses, slope stability analysis, foundation design, all facets of soil structure interaction evaluation, and laboratory testing. Our staff has over 50 combined years experience in geotechnical engineering, applied geology and other civil engineering fields. Specialties include forensic investigations, site characterizations, slope stability analyses, groundwater and contaminant transport modeling, and determination of the constrained modulus of gravel and crushed rock.pic2

In 2008, MCG completed furbishing its geotechnical laboratory. MCG Geotechnical Engineering provides for soil testing using ASTM and/or USBR laboratory procedures. Services include soil index properties, permeability, and soil load-deformation tests. The determination of the constrained modulus (Ms) of crushed rock is a specialty.


MCG Geotechnical Engineering utilizes many different programs and techniques to achieve efficient and economical results. Programs include Microsoft Office Visual Basic, Word, Excel, and Access; AutoCAD; GIS software and numerous statistical and engineering applications.

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